One college,
One team.

The Grainger College of Engineering follows brand standards and guidelines set forward by the University of Illinois. By thinking with a shared vision, expressing a shared visual identity, and speaking with a shared voice, we are able to tell a more powerful story. This web space is designed to provide the tools, resources, and insights you need to harness "The Power of I" in your work.

Meet Our Team

Learn about the roles of college and unit marketing and communications, meet the team, and get help with a project

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Marketing Guides

Guides for understanding the foundational thinking behind all marketing and communications efforts for the college

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Communication Guides

Guides, resources, and best practices for internal and external news and communications about the college

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Site Manager

Your go-to spot for website development resources, instructions, templates, best practices, and open discussion

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Tools & Resources

A collection of tools, templates and resources to help you improve your marketing and communications work and stay on-brand

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Updates Blog

The latest developments, website enhancements, and shared achievements in marketing and communications across the college

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