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Page Templates

Design Principles

Start simple, then polish and refine. Because we have so many section templates and such flexibility with how you can modify any template, it's tempting to over-design each element of a page, and you end up with a lot of pieces that might not fit together in the best way. Start by using the pre-made templates to get all of your content for the page on there in a simple layout first, then make adjustments to highlight certain things or make final adjustments.

Lean towards light and airy, with limited use of bold color and headlines. We want to steer toward a page layout that mostly relies on the white and platinum palette, using the oranges and blues as accent colors to highlight important content. Too many large, bold colors and/or big headlines on a single page is overwhelming and can be harsh on the eyes.

Make sure to follow the  HTML hierarchy. Use H1 in the hero space, H2's for titles, etc etc. Try to stick as close as possible to the pre-made templates, and avoid using in-line styles wherever possible. In-line styles make it harder for us push style updates at the platform level. For example, when we make font updates to an H2 or something, we need to be able to apply it to all the right places.

Homepage Examples

Landing Page Examples