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Application Skins

Setting Up Your Application Skin

  1. Login to Webtools.
  2. Go to More > Skin Designer from the main landing page.
  3. Select the yellow +Create button at the top right of your screen [Fig 1].
  4. Select Illinois Wizard from the Application (Web) Skin options [Fig 2].
  5. Choose an option for Skin Administrator. Then select the Create skin button.
  6. In the General tab, rename your skin so it can be easily identified. For example, "GCOE - Bioengineering - Application Skin".
  7. In the Skin tab, complete the following three sections:
    1. Header - For the primary label, fill in your department/unit name. For the secondary label, fill in "The Grainger College of Engineering" [Fig 3]. You can also add links to your department/unit website as well as the college website.
    2. Social Media - Add links to your department/unit social media channels
    3. Footer - Select the "Insert Example" example button. Edit the footer content appropriately while following the pattern of the example [Fig 4]. 
  8. In the Access tab, grant permissions to any group, unit/college, or department that may need access to the skin. This is only access to use the skin, not to edit in any way. 
  9. If another person or group will need to edit the skin, add them as administrators in the Privileges tab. This gives permissions to both use and edit the skin.
    • Please add privileges for the Marketing and Communications team by selecting engradm-office-communications from the group dropdown. This will allow us to help with any troubleshooting.

Fig 1

Create button in skin designer

Fig 2

Illinois Wizard app skin selection

Fig 3

Skin header example

Fig 4

Application skin footer example

Application Skin Video Tutorial