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College Marcom Updates

Get the latest updates on work being done around the college to improve and streamline operations, share best practices and actionable insights, and create the tools and resources that will help you develop and deploy more effective marketing and communications.

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2021.06.18 - Professional Development Resources Added

Creating professional development and advancement opportunities for staff in The Grainger College of Engineering is one of the key points of emphasis laid out in our strategic plan. Fully developing the potential of our people is the only way to achieve our overall goals of excellence and impact. In full support of this effort, we're compiling a list of tools, courses, workshops, and other resources designed to help you improve and expand your professional skill set:

Explore Professional Development Opportunities

Check back often for updates, and please reach out to us with suggestions for other resources we can add to this growing list!

2021.05.19 - Phasing out Webtools Email+ and Application Skins

On June 1, 2021, campus will be phasing out all Webtools Email+ and Application skins that do not meet the updated and current brand standards.

From prospective students and alumni to peer institutions and partners, our emails reach a wide variety of audiences. Each person we reach has a unique relationship to the University of Illinois – and they may also be receiving emails from multiple universities. For clarity and consistency, no matter who is sending or receiving the communication, university email design standards begin with an unquestionable tie to the University of Illinois. Our email header template includes the university logo and wordmark, while also allowing room for primary and secondary unit names as needed.

As of the date of this post, there are 2,730 different skins assigned to Grainger Engineering creators in Webtools (skins are the branded header and footer design that wraps around email content). While we have a clear need for different types of content and unit identification, the general branding and framework of our emails should remain consistent so that we present a united, cohesive and distinctly U of I tone and feel to our audiences. These changes are being made to reduce the number of non-brand compliant email skins.

What to know:

  • Web Services staff have created new default "Illinois Wizard" skins for every unit on campus; they are currently finishing the process of assigning those for Grainger Engineering units.
  • These new default skins should replace any of the skins we are currently using for college/department/unit Email+ or Application efforts.
  • If a special case requires a skin that isn't the default, it still needs to be created with the Illinois Wizard tool, and you can find detailed instructions below on how to do that for both Email+ and Application efforts.
  • If your skin doesn't look exactly like these skins, it is the wrong skin and not compliant with campus brand guidelines.
  • To meet the Chancellor’s request that we fully adopt the university brand guidelines by July 1, 2021, we are working to transition all college skins by June 1st, at which time we will archive all skins that don't match university brand standards (old skins will be able to be recovered for one year). This will give us just under a month to address any issues that may arise.

Thank you for your help in making this transition to an even more aligned visual presence for the university and Grainger Engineering. If you have any questions about how to align with university branding, or how to set up emails and applications, please reach out to

2021.02.09 - Introducing "Voices of Grainger Engineering"

View Online:

Voices is a blog/vlog space designed for sharing user-generated content that helps The Grainger College of Engineering demonstrate value (authentic storytelling) and guide users along a path to a desired action (related to the post). Voices will help us to fulfill the college’s strategic plan, build a more connected community, enhance user experiences, and develop marketing and communications initiatives across all four of our core focus areas. Here's how:

  • Recruiting.  Voices provides opportunity to guide prospective students into and through the recruiting funnel by highlighting the unique people and experiences that make Grainger Engineering special, then pointing the user to content that connects them to similar opportunities.
  • Affinity.  Voices provides opportunity to develop a stronger sense of community among faculty, staff, and students through authentic storytelling around shared experiences. This will help us to grow our following and engagement with social media audiences, as well as provide shared content resources to enhance related marketing efforts.
  • Advancement.  Voices provides a platform to nurture relationships with current students so they become proud alumni who consider supporting Grainger Engineering in the future. It also creates an opportunity for our alumni to connect more directly with our current student and on-campus audiences.
  • Reputation.  Voices allows us to showcase faculty undertaking high-impact research projects, from their perspective. We can share these stories with our peers to demonstrate the quality of our faculty, the passion they have for their work, and the meaningful impacts their work has on the world.
How to Submit Content

All content posted to the Voices platform must be submitted through one of the forms we've created for our four contributor groups (listed below). Please share these forms with people you know with great stories to tell! The college marketing and communications office will turn form submissions into a blog post to be shared on The Grainger College of Engineering website. Important to note that content contributors do not need to answer all of the prompts on the form. Think of each individual question as a prompt for an individual blog entry. You can choose one to respond to, or several.


“Voices” blogs should be written in first-person, and should communicate a genuine excitement, passion, and/or depth of knowledge around the topic of the post. Passion and authenticity are the qualities that will make “Voices” successful. We must not treat this platform as a catchall for stories about Grainger Engineers. It is a space for stories provided by Grainger Engineers.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss an idea for Voices, please send a message to and include "Voices" in the subject line of your email.